Saturday, November 28, 2009

Am I a Christian?

Yesterday I was asked by one among those in my "forwarding" community, if, given my strong political views, can I be a Christian?  It wasn't worded quite so politely.  But, the meaning is the same.  Every subject I mention today was a part of this person's email.

First, let me say that I am a Christian; a practicing Christian who accepts Jesus as my personal savior.  I do not wear my Christianity on my shirtsleeve and I do not look down my nose at those who do not believe as I believe.  That is God's province.  But, I accept my responsibility to act as a Christian and to profess my faith, at the supermarket as well as at church.

My political leanings are as a mixed man.  I am fiscally a conservative.  I am proud of the United States and believe we should act as what we are; the nation which, while far from perfect, is the best hope of mankind short of God's Kingdom.  I believe we should act in the best interests of our country and I don't care if others love us.  I do expect them to respect and/or fear us according to their actions.  Not their words, their actions.

I am socially both conservative and liberal and, frankly, primarily a centrist.  And, I currently support Mike Huckabee, since he appears to be an honest man and a supporter of the Fair Tax.

For example, I believe abortion is wrong; partial birth abortion is murder.  I believe abortion should never be used as a form of contraception.  But, and here I part company with many Christians, I do not believe I have the right to expect others to share my beliefs.  Nor do I believe I have the right to demand that others live by my beliefs.

I hope this clarifies where I stand, both in faith and politically.

God Bless You All,

Bruce Maynes

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